Subleasing Checklist

Steps to a Successful Sublease

  1. Pay sublease fee in your tenant portal  (see fee schedule below) 
  2. Email with the following details
    • Contact info for new tenant
    • Your intended move-out date
    • New tenants intended move-in date
    • Details on any pro-ration of rent
      **Please note that all tenants are responsible for paying their own deposit at the time of lease signing.  Inquire for further clarification
  3. Have all roommates email Angie that they approve of new tenant
  4. Have new tenant apply on our website:



  • $150 for subleases who complete the sublease with at least 30 days prior to sublease move-in
  • $200 for less than 30 days if approved by Management **Please note that less than 30 days notification is not guaranteed for approval
  • $250 for subleases where management has to coordinate tours.  For example:  If tenant is subleasing a spot on the lease for their lease that has not yet begun and therefore are not occupying and able to coordinate tours without our assistance



  • A deal is never a deal until the paperwork is signed and the deposit is paid. Many renters are looking at multiple places to try and find the best house and roommates for their individual situation. Be sure to clearly communicate the terms of the sublease upfront including the sublease length, monthly rent, monthly average bills, insurance requirement, etc.
  • Tips for finding tenants: Email your friends, place an ad, ask your roommates if they know of anybody, ask Angie if she knows of anyone
  • Be organized and respond quickly to rental inquiries and questions from prospects.
  • Be wary of scams on Craigslist and other advertising venues.  We advise against using Craigslist.
  • Be prepared to answer questions and requests looking for a discount or some sort of deal. 
  • Understand that if Angie cannot verify their source of income (how they will pay rent) or their previous rental history, they will not be approved.
  • Any applicant with an unlawful detainer will not be approved


The majority of the subleasing process is up to you as the tenant. We manage the application review/approval process, sublease agreement signing, gathering of deposit, rent setup & other administrative tasks.  The rest is your responsibility unless otherwise agreed.

**And last, don’t move someone into your house without going through the process listed above. This violates the terms of your lease and puts your entire household at risk of eviction or other legal action**