Everybody wants to compliment their home with some stunning landscaping – but do they really want the work that comes with it? Check out this hack on low maintenance landscaping!

Whatever it is – I’m in!!

What is low maintenance landscaping and what does it consist of??  A low maintenance landscape typically includes shrubs, perennials, turf, patio blocks, river stones or pea gravel, and a bit of planning. I’ll explain this later.

Less yard, Less work

It goes without saying that having less yard space equals minimal work, but if you have a large area to cover – minimizing the amount of grassy areas can help lighten the workload. And for those with minimal yard space –  if you don’t have any grass at all, you’ll just need the occasional weed trim! 

But how do you create a beautiful landscape with little to no grass? It’s easy! Here’s how:


Creating a patio or “hardscaping” your space creates an enjoyable area that doesn’t require mowing or trimming – just an occasional sweep should do the trick to keep things tidy! Same goes for adding a deck to your yard! You’ll get to enjoy the same amount of space, with much less upkeep.


Replacing the grass in your yard with turf eliminates the need for a mower altogether! Although it can be a bit pricey – aside from being green all year round, turf has become a great alternative to the real deal and is almost maintenance free.

To keep turf looking natural and new, it does require some monthly maintenance. Having a leaf blower on hand is helpful when removing leaves from your artificial lawn. It is relatively quick, and is done at your discretion. You’ll also need to brush your lawn with a natural bristle broom once a month to keep the turf from being flattened down by foot traffic. Although it is still considered maintenance, it cuts the work of a traditional lawn in half!

Plant It and Forget It!

Low maintenance plants are KEY to having a beautiful landscape without the time consuming work. Just a little water and the occasional trim will keep these plants looking healthy all season long! Whether you’re looking for a luscious greenscape, or a pop of color – there’s a low maintenance plant for both! Check out these top choices for drought-resistant, sun-loving and eye-catching perennials!


  1. Liriope

Also known as monkey grass, liriope is an evergreen perennial that stuns all year round! Bursting with beautiful purple (or white) flowers in late summer, and dark berries during the fall season, the only requirement is some well-draining soil.

  1. Hostas

One of my personal favs – hostas are vibrant, shade resistant, low-rising plants that benefit greatly from the morning sun! Giving them a good douse of water in the morning will help prevent the leaves from getting burnt in the sun. All a hosta needs to stay healthy is a steady supply of water. 

  1. Black-Eyed Susan

Black-eyed susans are a great choice for a low maintenance flower to add a splash of color to your landscape! This flower is drought resistant, maintains its vibrancy in all types of weather – even the scorching sun, and only requires a bit of weeding and dead-heading.

  1. Weigela – Purple

Purple Weigela shrubs are bursting with thousands of blooms and will surely add vibrant color to your yard! This shrub is easy to grow and care for – it’s only requirements are well draining soil and full sunlight (at least 6hrs/day).

Fill In the Blank

Now that you have the lawn and plants planned out, it’s time to fill in the empty space and bring all the elements of your new landscape together! Part of having a low maintenance landscape, with drought resistant plants and grass that doesn’t grow, is adding one extra layer to fill in the blank spaces. 

Mulch is great for several reasons: It comes in many different colors and textures, protects your plants from over-watering, and keeps moisture locked in during hot summer days – or if you accidentally forget to water your plants.

Laying down landscaping fabric before mulching can further assist with maintaining your plants, all while keeping weeds away!

One downside to Mulch, is that since it is made from wood, it can create a home for quite a few different insects, depending on your area. If bugs don’t give you the creepy crawlies, then mulch is a great option for you!

If you’d prefer to steer clear of wood mulching:

Pea gravel is another great option for tying together your landscape, and offers a simplistic look.

Other alternatives include: rubber mulch, lava rock, hay/straw, rock mulch, leaves


Now that you have a landscape that is easy to maintain – it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your masterpiece! 

Take a look at these beautiful low maintenance landscapes for some inspiration: