Letter to Tenants – COVID-19


To MSP Realty Tenants,


I hope you are all healthy and well.    We have had one question about rent payments and one about utility payments, so we wanted to reach out & proactively share some information & resources:

Rent payments will continue to be owed as stated in your lease.   We understand and sympathize with any difficulties you are having at this time and are providing resources in efforts to ease any anxiety you are experiencing.   Please read in full and exercise all options before reaching out to us to discuss alternatives.

If you have concerns over the ability to pay rent, please reach out to see if you qualify for one of the following: 
  1. Unemployment insurance at www.uimn.org 
  2. Emergency assistance through your county  https://applymn.dhs.mn.gov/

3. The Salvation Army Parkview Corps

2024 Lyndale Ave N

612-522-4871 ext 110


4. Our Savior’s Housing (homelessness)  



5. Metropolitan Council 



6. Catholic Charities

1200 2nd Ave. South

Minneapolis, MN 55403

(612) 204-8500




Information on utilities, free meal options and food bank can be found at:

Family Housing Fund

Family Housing Funds has provided a list of resources for renters experiencing financial hardship and other urgent issues due to the pandemic.

If these do not pan out for you or do not provide an urgent need that you have, we encourage you to to have a conversation with family/friends & roommates for other temporary financial support.   

We always provide the option to pay your rent with credit card and we are waiving all credit card fees on our end for rent due in April.   Please let us know prior to paying so that we can adjust the setting for your household.   We will also consider this for May & June.    

If you are aware of additional resources not listed that other tenants could benefit from, please let us know and we will post them here.

Like you, we have financial obligations.   Of those include a mortgage, taxes, insurance & maintenance for the property you call home.   We want to continue providing you with an excellent renting experience and can only do that with your help.

In good health,
Angie Toomey